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    Reblocking & Restumping Burnswick


    House Restumping and Reblocking Burnswick

    We offer professional house reblocking and restumping solutions throughout Burnswick to ensure that your floors are levelled. As said, restumping is a process to support the weathered or damaged foundation by replacing the old stumps with new concrete or timber stumps. We have many years of experience and are talented in providing reblocking services at cost-effective prices.

    House stumps deteriorate due to various reasons and common causes include soil movement, stumps are rotten due to excess moisture in the soil, or termite infestation. If you have noticed sloping floors, creaking doors, cracked brickwork, cracked plasterwork, call us.

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    Whether it is partial stumping or full stumping, we lift the building to replace the stumps. We also take extra care to make sure that floors are not cracked while lifting the house. We use the jacking method for lifting the house. Once completed, the house is slowly allowed to rest on the stumps.

    Process of House Restumping Burnswick

    If your house is very old, it is advisable to dig down around the stumps by 5-10cm to check for moisture and quality of wood. This shows whether you need restumping soon. It is important to be attentive to how sooner you can replace the stumps before they could seriously damage your floors and the house.

    Generally, houses that are built on wooden stumps last less long. But, the houses that are built on concrete or galvanized steel stumps are robust and lasts for years to come. As experienced reblocking contractors in Burnswick, we offer red gum concrete stumping solutions that come with a warranty of 10 years.

    Professional House Restumping & Reblocking in Burnswick

    Before we embark on the Burnswick restumping process, our team of experts will examine if your house requires reblocking. Later, your house is raised and jacked up to a certain height. The existing stumps are removed and replaced with red gum concrete stumps either fully or partially based on your interest.

    Treated red gum is one of the most preferred options for restumping and reblocking due to its non-resistant property. Burnswick red gum stumping is cheaper than concrete and can easily last up to 20 years.

    Floor Levelling, Subfloor Repairs, House Lifting, House Raising… Call MR Reblocking

    Our team of experienced and licensed professionals such as structural engineers, plumbers, and builders take pride in workmanship skills and professionalism. We work closely with our clients to provide the best restumping without compromising on structural integrity.

    For foundational repairs, concrete restumping, underpinning in Burnswick, Call us now to get a free quote.

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