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    Underpinning Melbourne


    Underpinning Services Melbourne

    MR Reblocking and Underpinning is one of Melbourne’s leading underpinning companies offering underpinning services that includes restoring and repairing footings and foundations of residential and commercial buildings of all sizes and styles.

    Foundation Underpinning Melbourne Homes…

    As a premier foundation repairs company, we understand that your existing foundations may have become unstable or weakened due to various reasons. If you’re unsure of how to check and what to do further, our underpinning contractors are happy to assist you.

    When Building Needs Underpinning in Melbourne?

    Here are the signs to know that you need underpinning:

    • The external doors are jammed.
    • Bricks are becoming loose and misaligned.
    • Seeing a gap at the top of the junction between the window frame and the brick reveal.
    • Horizontal cracks in the mortar.
    • Stepped cracks in brick walls
    • Brickwork around the window appears out of square.
    • Bricks sills are not level
    • And many more signs!

    With the above tell-tale signs, you can discern that your house is moving and sinking. Before it sinks completely, call us. We provide outstanding foundation repair services to strengthen your existing footings by adding deeper concrete structures to your home as a whole.

    Our underpinning specialists will assess your underlying problems and plan the best solution appropriate to suit the intensity of damage and provide a 10 year warranty period on construction.

    Residential & Commercial Underpinning Melbourne

    To repair the foundations of your Melbourne homes, we follow a diligent process. It involves digging beneath the existing foundation to add additional support while allowing the building to rest on this support to prevent further movement. We strengthen the foundation by underpinning them with deeper concrete footings to achieve additional depth and bearing capacity.

    Foundation Repair and House Underpinning Specialist in Melbourne

    If your offices are located in Melbourne and need a detailed inspection to assess the structural integrity of your building, we can help. Our methods are apt for any building. We can fix most of the foundational issues with Commercial underpinning services to restore the entire building.

    When it comes to underpinning, we can assist you. Call us for a free assessment and a free quote.

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